Being an Asthmatic Stoner During a Respiratory Pandemic

Image by Dima Kosh

"Now, in the face of the Coronavirus outbreak, I’ve realized that I am compromised. Since my adult asthma is mild, I don’t consider myself at high risk, but the realization that I am more at risk than, say, my live-in partner catalyzed a dialogue in my head with a most prominent concern: my breathing has worsened since I’ve started quarantining, and I have a good idea why."

Call for Donations on Behalf of the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors

Image by Olga Semklo

"For those of you who don’t know, I’ve had trichotillomania (a compulsive hair-pulling disorder) since I was in middle school. Trichotillomania caused me to pull my hair out so frequently that I was nearly bald before I even entered high school. By then I was wearing hats and wigs to cover my scalp, but they couldn’t hide the shame. My pulling increased. I didn’t feel comfortable talking about my affliction with anyone––including myself––at the time, so I let the negative feelings and urges fester for years."

Itching for Understanding

Image by Lauren Ames

"I entered the building and approached the front desk, where I noticed a framed photo of the man who I assumed was the doctor. The portrait showed him smiling and holding up his pinky as if to demonstrate the number one but choosing to use an unconventional finger. In my opinion, this was an attempt to convey the notion that he had a gentle touch. It was scary."

Elective Procedure

Image by Daniela Lan

"Right as she walked in I told the doctor I was nervous. She brushed that off just as the nurse did. They say it's not a big deal but I have sweaty palms and a squirrel heartbeat and one of my best friends prepared me with a comforting text: 'It’s gonna be the worst cramps you’ve ever had. I mean, it’s a foreign object being shoved into your uterus.'"